Welcome to my messy, magical life

Here are the things you need to know:

I love motherhood, and I find it isolating.

The ways in which we isolate ourselves in the name of individualism, under the forces of patriarchy and capitalism, does not create a healthy or supportive atmosphere from which to raise our children.

I don’t believe we were meant to do it this way. I want to change the way we parent. More than that, I want to change the way we relate to parenting, and to the systems of oppression that help make parenting what it is.

So I write.

I’m a highly sensitive parent, and that creates its own set of gifts and challenges. I’ll write about that, too.

My life is messy, as all lives really are. I will not shy away from the messy, but try to put it into words so that you might find a shred of recognition, and in that moment, our messiness unites us.

I believe in magic.

I practice it, and I teach it to my sons. It keeps away bad dreams, and holds a center for the family, and grants me something to hold onto that feels firm and everlasting.

As I start this blog, I am 38 weeks pregnant with my second penis-having person (gender to be revealed when he reveals it to me). I’ll be taking a four-five month maternity leave to get to know this new arrival and adjust to being a mother of two and a family of four.

During this time, besides nesting and being with family, I’ll be embarking on a long-desired Norse Shamanic training program, honoring my nordic ancestry and the magical blood of the Völva (nordic wise-woman or female shaman) that runs in my veins. I’ll share about that, too, as it is already part of the story of my decision to have this second child.

Thanks for being here.